“The Firebird’s Tale” by Anya Ow

I requested this from NetGalley because, frankly, there was never any possibility that I wouldn't. I once did a major art project on Stravinsky and The Rite of Spring, in amongst which I got totally sidetracked by the Ballet Russes and therefore The Firebird. Now, I don't really know the story of the Firebird (just … Continue reading “The Firebird’s Tale” by Anya Ow

“World’s End” by Mark Chadbourn

I bought this book because writing Bard brought to mind a particular Arthurian retelling I'd read as a child and, while scouring the internet to figure out which one it might have been, I came across a summary of this book and thought it might be interesting. Unfortunately, while the concept was everything it seemed … Continue reading “World’s End” by Mark Chadbourn