“Tempests and Slaughter” by Tamora Pierce

Although this book first came out in February, it was released in the UK yesterday (September 20th), because I'm organised and definitely planned this. I don't know why you're looking at me like you don't believe me; I'm a professional. I requested this from NetGalley because I've heard a lot about Tamora Pierce, and mostly, … Continue reading “Tempests and Slaughter” by Tamora Pierce

“Three Dark Crowns” by Kendare Blake

I'm very late to the party with this series. I've seen a lot of people raving about them online, mostly on Goodreads and Instagram, since those are the main places I interact with other YA readers. But I'd never got around to reading them, and I don't think I heard about it much when the … Continue reading “Three Dark Crowns” by Kendare Blake