“Dress Codes For Small Towns” by Courtney C. Stevens

I think I owe this book quite a lot. It's about being a butch girl in a small town and navigating your identity and relationships in the light of that, and it helped me feel more certain than ever that I am, in fact, non-binary, and not just a butch cis girl. I mean, I'd … Continue reading “Dress Codes For Small Towns” by Courtney C. Stevens

“Stargazing For Beginners” by Jenny McLachlan

This particular NetGalley read gave me both positive and negative feelings. On the one hand, I enjoyed the book. On the other hand, I was constantly aware that I was really a little bit too old for it, and that stopped me from fully enjoying it. I've been aware for a while that more and … Continue reading “Stargazing For Beginners” by Jenny McLachlan