“Muse of Nightmares” by Laini Taylor

Before you go thinking I'm insane and somehow raced through all 528 pages of Muse of Nightmares yesterday on release day, I should probably clarify that Blackwell's delivered it early, on Saturday, and I raced through all 528 pages of it then, instead. You know, because that's a normal thing to do. Obviously. This is … Continue reading “Muse of Nightmares” by Laini Taylor

“Tempests and Slaughter” by Tamora Pierce

Although this book first came out in February, it was released in the UK yesterday (September 20th), because I'm organised and definitely planned this. I don't know why you're looking at me like you don't believe me; I'm a professional. I requested this from NetGalley because I've heard a lot about Tamora Pierce, and mostly, … Continue reading “Tempests and Slaughter” by Tamora Pierce