“Ace of Shades” by Amanda Foody

Disclaimer: I vaguely know Amanda Foody from Th'Internets, this does not affect my review, etc etc. I mean, it's a big part of the reason I requested this from Edelweiss, but my honesty policy still applies whether or not I used to write for a shared blog with someone. Anyway, I really enjoyed this -- … Continue reading “Ace of Shades” by Amanda Foody

“Confessions of the Fox” by Jordy Rosenberg

I read Confessions of the Fox while I was in Ireland in early July, and miraculously, actually managed to write up a review at the time, which makes it possible to share with you now. I've found two conflicting publication dates -- it either came out in late June or early July -- but I … Continue reading “Confessions of the Fox” by Jordy Rosenberg

“A Man With One Of Those Faces” by Caoimh McDonnell

I exist in the middle of a difficult Venn diagram sometimes: I enjoy crime fiction, particularly when there's a magical or humorous element, but I'm also pretty squeamish and can't handle too much gore. However much I try to kid myself that I can. Turns out experiencing near-perpetual nausea actually makes it harder to deal, … Continue reading “A Man With One Of Those Faces” by Caoimh McDonnell