October Hiatus

Right, I'd hoped I wouldn't have to do this, but it seems better to make an actual decision rather than constantly berating myself for failing to get a post up on time. So, I'm taking a brief hiatus from posting reviews. Probably only for a week, ideally for no more than two, but I need … Continue reading October Hiatus


Struck Down By The Eyeball Demon

Despite my determination not to miss any days this month, I'm going to have to skip posting a review today, since I spent the weekend intermittently struck down by a migraine and haven't been able to write anything up. With luck, the demon currently lurking in my eyeball will decide to leave me alone before … Continue reading Struck Down By The Eyeball Demon

Brief Hiatus

Hey, everyone! I feel like I've been doing way better with this whole "schedule" thing lately, but I'm afraid things have got on top of me this week, so I'm going to take a brief hiatus. A few updates: I had my first Irish dance competition in seven years yesterday -- and it went really … Continue reading Brief Hiatus

Looking at 2018

Hello, everyone, and welcome to 2018 at Miriam Joy Reads. I... realise it's the tenth of January now. But hey, it's in the spirit of the blog to be really, really behind with everything. In my defence, I'd originally planned to write a post like this for the first, then missed my opportunity, and then … Continue reading Looking at 2018