Academic Wednesday: Cheating at Chaucer

Okay, so this week has been... uh, hardcore, academically speaking. Between Monday and Friday of this week I have two essays, four translations, two seminars to read for, my draft dissertation due, and a presentation, as well as various other extra-curricular and related stuff. It's a lot. A lot! A fair bit of it is … Continue reading Academic Wednesday: Cheating at Chaucer

Academic Wednesday: the Occult and the Classics

It's Week 1 of Lent Term, so in an ideal world, I'd be writing up a second Academic Wednesdays post right now. (If all of these words are confusing to you, check out the previous post in this series here.) Still taking suggestions for a better name, by the way. Sadly, this week has been … Continue reading Academic Wednesday: the Occult and the Classics