“A Season of Spells” by Sylvia Hunter

This is the last book in a trilogy that I've enjoyed a lot. Sadly, I didn't review either of the first two books on this blog. I reviewed the first book, The Midnight Queen, on Goodreads, but the second was neglected even there, with only a few incoherent ramblings about "yay, lesbians!". So, this review … Continue reading “A Season of Spells” by Sylvia Hunter

Academic Wednesday: Cheating at Chaucer

Okay, so this week has been... uh, hardcore, academically speaking. Between Monday and Friday of this week I have two essays, four translations, two seminars to read for, my draft dissertation due, and a presentation, as well as various other extra-curricular and related stuff. It's a lot. A lot! A fair bit of it is … Continue reading Academic Wednesday: Cheating at Chaucer