Just a bit of fun. I thought you might like to know what my bookshelves look like. They’re overcrowded, and I pretty much have to reorganise the whole lot whenever I get new books because they don’t fit. I also just compulsively try and improve them, so however recent these photos are, they’re probably already out of date. Ah well.

You can see shelfies on my Tumblr periodically — I tend to post them there whenever I take a good one, so that’ll be more up-to-date than this page.


My bookshelf at uni, 2015-6. I mostly kept tea on these because they weren’t tall enough for normal-sized books.

A new shelf (built March 2016) housing my ASNaC-related books, poetry, and a bit of fiction. (Mostly Tolkien and Kate Thompson, both ASNaC-related in a sense.)

uni shelfie

Uni shelfie (Lent Term 2017)


Thanks to my new shelf, the ‘overflow’ shelf is no longer full — the top is empty, and the bottom shelf has a large gap. I doubt it’ll last long with my book-buying habits, though… (March 2016)


The ‘sadly mismatched but colourful’ shelf. Mostly featuring series where some of the books were too tall to fit on the main shelves, although some are just there due to not fitting anywhere else. (December 2016.)


The corridor overflow shelf (the ‘designated ugly shelf’) already full by December 2016. It’s been reorganised somewhat since this was taken, too.


The Pratchett Stack (December 2016)

main shelfie 2017

Main shelves (January 2017)