“Shadowsong” by S. Jae-Jones

Shadowsong is the sequel to Wintersong, a book I picked up on a whim a little while ago because it was going cheap on Kindle and then loved. (It's still 99p, if anyone else wants to have that experience!) I'd hoped that I might have reviewed it on this blog, so that this review could … Continue reading “Shadowsong” by S. Jae-Jones


“In Other Lands” by Sarah Rees Brennan

This is a really hard book to review, mostly because it gave me a bunch of feelings but part of that was because I was feeling emotionally fragile anyway and thus it's hard to pin down whether it's the book's fault that I started sobbing partway through, given that it wasn't even that sad. I … Continue reading “In Other Lands” by Sarah Rees Brennan