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Since it can be difficult to navigate the reviews I wrote less recently unless you want to literally trawl through them month by month, I created this page as a list/archive that ought to be more easy to work with. Basically, I did the slow bit for you.

As I have no idea if there’s an easier way to do this, I’m doing it manually, which means it’ll be an ongoing task. Recent posts will often not be added for a while, and forgive me if older ones are missing! On the whole it’s in reverse order (at least by month; not necessarily by specific order of review). I’m also including star ratings because I’m nice like that. If they’re recent and they aren’t linked yet, either I’ve scheduled them but they haven’t posted yet, or I just forgot to link them.

This page has the added benefit of allowing you to see how consistent I am (or otherwise) with my reviews. I hope that’s a good thing…

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Phew! That’s all of them since I rebooted the site in August. At some point, I guess I’ll add the old posts from previous years, but this took way too long as it is. I hope it’s useful to you.