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Have you written / represented / published a book that needs reviews and you think I might like it? Use this form to contact me and I’ll try and actually reply (I’ve been bad about that recently). I’m more likely to agree if you give any indication that you’ve read this blog and you know the kind of things I read and review — keep an eye on my Reviewing Policy, too.

First, a few ground rules:

Ask me first if you want me to review something. If I say no (it’s not my genre, I’m swamped with work, etc), please don’t take it personally, but also don’t ask again unless I invite you to. Don’t send me something straight away and expect a review.

I will accept payment for reviews, but that won’t change what I write in them. My reviews will be honest.

– That payment may be in the form of a free copy of the book you want me to review. I won’t pay money for a book that you’ve asked me to review: that seems a little weird. I also won’t have access to the local library I’ve been visiting for the last eighteen years because of university getting in the way. So if you’d like me to review something, you kinda have to provide it. Sorry.

– I can’t guarantee any regular turnaround time for a review, but I’ll discuss that with you in an email. It’ll depend on my workload, how many other books I have to read, how long your book is etc… If it’s an ARC and it’s about to be published, mention that, and I can see if I can prioritise it.

– At the moment, I’m happy to review indie books. Because nobody asks me to review anything, so I’m hardly overloaded, and because you guys need reviews more than trad-pubbed authors (for the most part), and because as an indie poet myself, it would be hypocritical not to. I may revise this position in future; we’ll see how it goes.


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