Contact Me

If you’d like me to review a book you’ve written / represented / published, I’m open to offers! I’m also open to participating in blog tours and author interviews. You can use the form below or contact me at miriam [at] miriamjoywrites [dot] com.

If you emailed me in recent months and received no reply, I’m really sorry; I temporarily lost access to that account, but now have it set up properly, so please re-send your query.

Before contacting me, you might want to read my Reviewing Policy, and check out the Review Archives to see what my tastes are like.

A couple of notes:

* If I turn down your book, please don’t take it personally; I’m either super snowed under with unread books, or it doesn’t sound like my genre. It’s not a reflection on you.
* I’ll always be honest in reviews.
* I need a copy of the book to be able to review it. I’ll accept ebooks (ideally ones that are compatible with Kindle) or print copies if you’re feeling generous!
* I can’t always guarantee any regular turnaround time for a review, but we can discuss that by email if you’d like a post to coincide with the publication date or something.
* Currently, I’m still happy to review independently published books, but if I get too overloaded I might have to revise this position.

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