“Sweethearts” by Gemma Gilmore

I have another LGBTQ book to review today, which is appropriate, since it's LGBTQ history month. Actually, if I'd planned this better I would've had only queer book reviews for the month of February, but I had a few ARCs that had to be reviewed, and anyway this blog is fairly heavy on the LGBTQ … Continue reading “Sweethearts” by Gemma Gilmore


“Absolution by Murder” by Peter Tremayne

This was originally scheduled for last week, aka my birthday. But... I didn't want to post a less-than-positive review on my birthday. It just felt like a bad vibe, like I'd be cursing myself to only read mediocre books for the rest of my time being 22, you know? So I rescheduled it. As you … Continue reading “Absolution by Murder” by Peter Tremayne