I’m relatively new to the book reviewing game, although I’ve been reading copiously for years. So far, my main credentials are the reviews you see here on this blog and on Goodreads, as well as the various badges I’ve accumulated from NetGalley. I’ve copied those below, with short explanations of what they mean.

200 Reviews: Members earn this badge based on total number of books reviewed:
50 Book Reviews

Top Reviewer: Members receive this badge when 3 or more of their reviews have been added to any NetGalley title details page by a publisher.
Reviews Published

80% Feedback: Members who provide feedback for 80% (or more) of their approved titles receive this badge:
Frequently Auto-Approved: Members who are auto-approved by four or more publishers receive this badge:
Frequently Auto-Approved

2016 NetGalley Challenge:

2016 NetGalley Challenge

NetGalley “Professional Reader”:

Professional Reader

As I spend more time reading and reviewing books, I hope to prove myself dedicated to helping new books succeed and discovering great authors wherever I can. Any other credentials I can show to prove that will go on this page as and when they exist.