Five Months And A Name Change

Well, that hiatus lasted… erm, way longer than it was supposed to. Me in October: “probably only for a week, ideally for no more than two”. Me in March: “welp”.

ANYWAY. That was slightly more than two weeks. Just, you know, a bit. A few months. Time is fake and calendars are just there to stress us out, though, so it doesn’t matter, right?

A lot has happened since then. I mean, early October… wow, I was still at my job in digitisation. Which I hated, because it made my pain levels skyrocket and just wasn’t working for me on multiple levels. So, I quit that. Then I got a job in a bookshop for a few months which was great and the only bad thing was that it was temporary, so now I’m unemployed. But as of September I’ll be moving back to Cambridge, because I’ve got a job as a graduate trainee librarian at Christ’s College, so it’s just a case of filling the next six months.

I also finished writing two novels since I last posted here. One was called Bard; I finished that at the end of October. The other was called To Run With The Hound, and I finished that just before Christmas. That one was like half novel, half academic project, because it draws heavily on my dissertation and my research into the medieval Irish text Táin Bó Cúailnge.

I started making videos about medieval Irish literature on YouTube.

Oh, and I changed my name. I probably should have led with that. If you follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or YouTube… you’ll already have noticed the shift. I’m now @finnlongman on all of those platforms, because I finally took the plunge and stepped away from the name Miriam Joy. My main blog will be switching over some time this week, once I sort out the new domain name, but this blog is a slight problem.

Up until now I had a division between Miriam Joy Writes, my main blog, and Miriam Joy Reads, this blog. But once my new blog is known simply as Finn Longman, I’m not sure what to name this one. Or whether I should even rename it at all. I know it can be beneficial to have some distance between my identity as writer and my identity as book blogger, so maybe I should stick with Miriam Joy over here and trust that the confusion won’t be too much when I one day release books as Finn Longman.

I’ve also questioned whether I should keep this blog going at all. I certainly struggle to keep up with my schedule of three reviews per week, because I don’t like reviewing every book I read and I’m rarely reading that much these days, let alone more than that. (Although I had a good reading weekend this week and finished like four books, so maybe that’s not always true.)

But I do like having a dedicated place to talk about books, one that’s slightly separate from my main ramblings about life and writing. I don’t post enough there, either, but I’m planning to work on that.

I’m thinking if I want this blog to be sustainable, I need to adjust my posting schedule, and also the type of material I post here. It’s difficult, because if I want to maintain two separate blogs, there has to be sufficient difference to make it worth having both, and I can’t help wonder if I’m making life difficult for myself… but I have no idea how I’d even go about combining the two. I think I need to branch out from straightforward reviews, and talk more about books in general, as well as potentially moving over to shorter posts.

I don’t know. What kind of content do you look for from a book blog? Would you prefer it if I merged this blog with my main site, and just posted about books there sometimes, or do you like that there’s some separation?

Let me know in the comments, along with any name suggestions you might have 🙂 Puns, alliteration, and generally any kind of wordplay are appreciated!

And if you want bookish content from me to make up for the last five months of silence… I recommend following me on Instagram. I’m currently taking a brief hiatus there, but I promise that one will genuinely only be a couple of weeks tops, and not five months (whoops).

Look. So pretty.

bookstagram 2019

2 thoughts on “Five Months And A Name Change

  1. Sheree @ Keeping Up With The Penguins says:

    Welcome back! Completely understand the identity crisis that comes with blog names and shifting focus. I sometimes struggle to keep delineating my “personal” online presence (under my name, Sheree) and my “book reviewer” presence (as Keeping Up With The Penguins), but it’s really important to me that I keep them separate so I just do the best I can. Upkeep on two different blogs though, phew, it’d be tough. I’m not sure I’m going to be much help to you here, but just remember that none of these decisions are life-and-death, whether you decide to merge or keep the blogs separate and whatever name you land on – your tribe will find you and love you! ❤️


    • Finn Longman says:

      Thank you! This is the only place I haven’t yet changed over my name (other than Goodreads, but that’s not through any choice of my own; I’m finding it tricky to get it all changed over there), just because I’m not sure what I want to call the blog — it needs *a* name, whatever happens!

      Liked by 1 person

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