Struck Down By The Eyeball Demon

Despite my determination not to miss any days this month, I’m going to have to skip posting a review today, since I spent the weekend intermittently struck down by a migraine and haven’t been able to write anything up.

With luck, the demon currently lurking in my eyeball will decide to leave me alone before too long, and I’ll be able to write up my reviews of Muse of Nightmares and Broken Things, but in the meantime I’m going to go lie in a dark room and listen to Aftermath by Chuck Wendig on audio. (Thanks, library card no.4, for access to a better selection of audiobooks.)

To make up for the lack of reviews, here’s a collage of some of my bookstagram pictures from September:

The photo challenge I’m co-hosting with Cait @ PaperFury, #FinnFury, started today, and it’s exciting to see people already posting responses to our prompts! Though… a couple of people don’t seem to have noticed that I’m co-hosting it and are referring to at as Cait’s challenge. Hello yes I am the Finn in #FinnFury, I know this is confusing, names are hard.

(It’s fine. They don’t have to love me for me to enjoy their pictures.)

Anyway. Eyeball demon has won this time, sorry. New reviews coming at some point if it will leave me alone.


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