September Wrap-Up

Although we’ve still got a couple of days left of September, October draws close (yikes!), and it’s time for a wrap-up! I’d originally planned to post this on Monday, allowing me to share things from the last few days of September too, but I don’t have a review scheduled for today and shifting this one up a spot seemed preferable to not posting at all…

Last month, I shared 10 of my top posts from my main blog (Miriam Joy Writes). This month I’m only going to give you 5, and I’m going to limit it to recent posts, to avoid repeating myself. So, without further ado:

Top 5 Recent Blog Posts @ Miriam Joy Writes in September 2018

1. The Anticipation of Adulthood

In which I write about the uncertainty of your early twenties and those first years out of full-time education (and wish for NA to become a real genre so that I have some kind of fictional guidance about how to navigate this part of my life).

2. Never Just Objects (Finding Time To Read)

In which I discuss my determination to find time to read, despite work, writing, and bookstagram stealing an alarming number of hours in the day.

3. The Green Fields of Home

In which, responding to a prompt from Lorna @ Gin and Lemonade, I write about my feelings regarding travel, and how my feeling of home is rooted in the landscape more than any sense of identity or political affiliation.

4. Telling Nonbinary Stories With My Feet

In which I talk about Breandan de Gallai, Blas International Summer School, and my interest in choreography — as well as how that relates to my understanding of gender.

5. The Perfect Blog Comment

In which I offer some advice on how to comment on a blog when you’re nervous about it or not sure what to say. This led to a spate of comments, which makes it look like that was my ulterior motive all along. It wasn’t, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Top 5 Most ‘Liked’ Reviews @ Miriam Joy Reads in September 2018

1. ‘Three Dark Crowns’ by Kendare Blake

2. ‘The Monsters We Deserve’ by Marcus Sedgwick

3. ‘Feed’ by Mira Grant

4. ‘Vengeful’ by V.E. Schwab

5. ‘Bad Boy’ by Elliot Wake

Apparently you like it when I’m (a) indecisive about a book and (b) ready to yell about my feelings. Good to know.

Bookish Stats for September 2018

Bearing in mind we’ve still got a weekend (and most of Friday) to go until September is over…

  • In September, I read 17 books,
  • of which 3 were audiobooks,
  • and 5 were rereads (including all three of the audiobooks).
  • I had 1 five-star read (Vengeful)
  • I acquired… four books new, and five books secondhand. Two of those were pre-orders, including one which arrived yesterday despite the UK release date not being for a few more weeks.
  • I am very behind on ARCs, and intend to fix that this weekend.
  • The last book I read was Broken Things by Lauren Oliver, and I’m hoping to get a review of that up next week.

I’ve been struggling to stay ahead of my current reviewing schedule, though, so I might have to reduce the number of reviews I post each week. I might use Wednesdays to post something light-hearted about books, thereby earning myself a little bit of breathing room when I don’t read as much as I’d have liked.


I’m not going to do a whole ‘top 5 bookstagram photos’ thing (mostly because I am very tired right now and don’t have the energy to figure out which were my top 5!), but I did want to mention that I’m co-hosting a book photo challenge with Cait @ PaperFury for the month of August. If you take book photos — whether for Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, or any other social media — why not join in? Although it’s Maggie Stiefvater-themed, there is absolutely no prerequisite to have read or enjoyed Maggie’s work.

finn fury

And… that’s it for today’s roundup! Although I can’t believe it’s nearly October already, I’m hoping to get some good reviews up for the month ahead, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve posted this September. Let me know which was your favourite, and what you’re reading at the moment!

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