NonAcademic Wednesday

Sorry, guys, but it seems my inability to keep to a regular blogging schedule had kicked in again. I thought it was all going unusually well and that it couldn’t possibly last — and I was right.

Ironically, I’m not able to write a post for this Academic Wednesday, because I have too much work to do and I’m not on top of it enough to talk about what I’ve been reading. I did manage to write an essay and do my translation today, but that’s about it.

Anyway, I’m thinking I’ll probably make this a fortnightly series, which will give me more to talk about when I do. So next week I will hopefully have some fun Arthurian books to talk about, since that’s partly what I’ve been reading about.

Back soon — and as ever you can find me procrastinating on Twitter, sometimes even talking about books and/or academia.


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