A Christmas Break

As you may have noticed, I missed Monday’s post. This wasn’t entirely planned — I ran out of scheduled posts and haven’t been on my computer in a few days, so didn’t get around to adding any more. While I’ve been reading as much as ever, I haven’t been writing so many reviews lately, which also makes pre-emptively scheduling stuff a bit trickier.

However, I’ve decided I’m going to take a week or two away from regularly scheduled posts during this Christmas period — perhaps counter-intuitive, given that I should theoretically have more time to maintain it than in termtime, but apparently necessary. I’ll use this time to read and build up enough reviews that I can keep them scheduled regularly through January.

Partly this is a purely practical thing, as mentioned above, but I also don’t think many people are looking to read book reviews at this precise moment in time: it’s too close to Christmas to advise anyone looking to buy presents for bookloving friends or relatives, and in the immediate aftermath of the holiday I’m sure people will have other things to occupy themselves. Perhaps including new books!

(Obviously, I realise I may have some regular visitors who don’t celebrate Christmas, in which case… sorry.)

Anyway, I’ll be back some time towards the end of the month, though I’m not sure exactly when — perhaps next Wednesday, perhaps next Friday, we’ll just have to wait and see. I hope those of you who celebrate Christmas have a great and stress-free time, and that those who don’t also manage to have a well-deserved break.

See you soon! šŸ™‚


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