I’ve rescheduled today’s post for Friday, and shuffled everything along two days. Frankly, I don’t see why normal service should be maintained when the US election may have just reached the stage of opening the final seal and triggering the apocalypse. I may be across the ocean, but I doubt any of us will be immune to the repercussions of this decision, and in the meanwhile I fear for my friends who are going to suffer.

So here’s to all my readers who are queer, disabled, poor, not white, not male, and anyone else who woke up today to find that their human rights, safety, and health might be in jeopardy. For everyone who fears they’ll lose their marriage, their healthcare, their home, their job. I’m sorry I can’t fix your country, but if you come and message me on Twitter or Facebook I will send you pictures of cute animals in the hope that it might help just a little bit.

Raise a glass. Keep loving each other. Defy hate with kindness. Defy violence with peace. Make a revolution of your generosity.

Be good to each other, because the world won’t be.


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