Buried In Old Irish

If you’re reading this, it means uni got on top of me.

More specifically, it means that I haven’t had time since I wrote this post in the early hours of last Friday morning (when I should’ve been sleeping but wasn’t) to read anything to review. Or to write a review of something I’d already read. Or whatever.

Anyway, let’s pretend today is — Friday? — and you’re reading this.

I’m buried! By Old Irish essays or possible Old French ones depending on which one I haven’t done yet because they’re both due this week and I’m overwhelmed! You will find me in the library, face down on a pile of difficult books!

Which means no review today. And if this continues, I’ll probably drop down to one review a week (which I will schedule for, I dunno, a Wednesday or something) to make sure I keep things consistent without pressuring myself. I don’t want to review everything I read, but I don’t have time to read a lot of fiction during term time.

So yeah. Maybe you’re reading this and being like, “Wait, you’ve only just gone back,” and I’m like, “I KNOW,” because Cambridge doesn’t let up, or maybe I’ve managed to read and review something and so you’ll never read this. WHO KNOWS.


Back soon, I hope.


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