Hello! I’m Miriam Joy, also known as Finn to some people, and this is my book blog. If you’re looking for general posts about literature, writing, life, growing up, university, politics, social issues, fandom, and music, then you probably want to head over to my main site: Miriam Joy Writes. Here, you’ll find book reviews and occasionally book tags, just to shake things up a bit.

To see my most recent reviews, click the Reviews tab at the top. If you want to browse through earlier ones, go for the Review Archives. And if you want to know more about how I’m approaching reviews on this blog, check out my Reviewing Policy.

About Me

I am:

  • a novelist, poet, blogger, occasional vlogger, folk musician, dancer (Irish dance and ballet), booknerd, and full-time procrastinator
  • a student of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at the University of Cambridge.
  • agender (they/them pronouns please)
  • queer (I mostly consider myself ace/aro these days)
  • disabled / chronically ill (I have hypermobility syndrome, coeliac disease, anxiety and depression, as well as all the chronic pain and fatigue that goes along with these)
  • very bad at sticking to a regular blogging schedule

I have:

  • worked as a part-time school librarian while taking time out of uni for health reasons
  • self-published three poetry collections (but I plan to pursue traditional publishing with my novels)
  • co-authored a YA mystery novel set in a boarding school, St Mallory’s Forever, with Saffina Desforges and Charley Robson
  • appeared in poetry magazines such as The Dawntreader and Cambridge Notes

I like:

  • fantasy, often of the YA persuasion, though I’ve been known to read an esoteric mix of other genres too
  • books with non-traditional protagonists (such as those who are LGBTQ+, have disabilities, or otherwise belong to a minority group)
  • books with minimal romance and maximum friendship
  • plot twists that make me gasp
  • books that make me cry, or books that make me laugh so hard it hurts (it depends how I’m feeling)
  • own voices representation (e.g. authors from marginalised groups writing about characters from those backgrounds)
  • books

In 2015, I read 233 books; in 2016, I read 329. So it would be impossible to review everything I read, and the reviews here will never fully represent the books I’ve devoured. To get a better idea of my reading tastes, you might want to check out my Favourites (a woefully incomplete list), or hang out with me on Goodreads.

More about the blog

I started this blog as a way of keeping all my reviews in one place — I tend to write brief reviews of a few lines on Goodreads, but nothing more substantial — and as a way of justifying having a NetGalley account to get free books in return for reviews. That said, half the stuff I review here was picked up from the library or a charity shop, given to me, or otherwise randomly stumbled upon, so while some of it may be new releases, other books will be old and you’ll wonder why I’m reviewing them at all.

On a good week, I post new reviews on Mondays and Fridays, and share some thoughts on some academic books I’ve been reading on Wednesdays. All posts are scheduled for 9am, to keep things consistent (though I’m not a morning person at all). I have a lot of health problems, so I don’t always manage to stick to this schedule, but I’ll do my best.

At the bottom of each post you’ll see a link to buy the book from Amazon. These are affiliates links, so if I inspire you to pick up a book, doing it via that link supports me (I get a tiny percentage) at no extra cost to you. The commission is tiny, but as a skint student, I’ll take what I can get! So far, these links are UK-only, as I’ve yet to figure out how to set up an affiliates account for Amazon.com.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Nicole says:

    Good morning. I discovered your blog and decided to leave a comment. Thank you for all the reviews you’ve written, they made the excruciating process of looking for a book without romance in it a facile task. I’ve bought most of the books you’ve given great reviews, mainly the ones that focus on friendship and less or no romance at all. I have to apologize though, I read the reviews section immediately so I didn’t know about the links. I’ll be sure to remember about it the next time a book captures my interest.

    Best regards,


    • Miriam Joy says:

      No worries! I don’t remember to put links on every post anyway, haha. I’m glad my blog was helpful to you — it’s definitely frustrating when books inevitably have romance for no real reason.


  2. Rutha Miesner says:

    Wow that was strange. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Regardless, just wanted to say wonderful blog!


    • Miriam Joy says:

      How annoying! It could’ve ended up in spam, but I just checked and there isn’t anything there. Thanks for attempting to comment anyway, even if it didn’t work. Heh. 🙂


  3. RS says:

    Wanted to ask if you had read the Railhead series by Philip Reeve… it seems like the kind of book you generally review..it has a racially diverse cast and I believe the second book has an asexual character


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